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Due to the scarcity of the JAMB DE card, we are given those who have difficulties in purchasing the card to use our service. you can apply for the JAMB DE form + Premium DE Package for additional discounted price of N7000.

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The Fastest, Easiest And Best way of Getting Instant Information and Updates About Admission Into Nigeria Universities!

"Varsities Admission Information Center" that Will Guarantee your Admission into Nigeria Universities in 2014/2015 Session!

Have you ever wanted to be able to contact somebody in your choice institution but were unable?

Have you ever wanted to be able to get cut-off mark, admission and examination date but were unable?

Do you know there is new admission policy from NUC and JAMB for 2014/2015 sesion?

Do you know that admission success and failure start from application for JAMB and post UTME?

Do you know the factors that will determine whether you should buy change of course/institution form for 2014 JAMB UTME?


Dear Prospective Nigeria Students,

Statistics and surveys show that every year thousands of Nigeria students miss admission simply because of lack of orientation, inadequate preparation and untimely information.


Inline with our objective to make sure that all Nigeria prospective and existing students get instant updates that will ensure their admission and academic success, we are introducing ...

Varsities Admission Information Center Project 

The Varsities Admission Information Center (VAIC) Project is an innovative project design to address the major causes of admission failure into Nigeria universities. The project focuses on providing orientation, adequate preparation and timely information pertinent to admission. These alone will account for over 75% of your admission success. We may also be able to link you with the right person (connection) in your most prefered university. Our objective is to ensure that subscribers to the VAIC project have full access to orientation, information, materials and human resources needed for admission into their most prefered university.

Subscribers to the VAIC project are taking through the necessary orientation on application for JAMB and post UTME. This is because statistics shows that more than 30% candidates already loose admission during application for JAMB and post UTME. We provide personalize orientation through our University Admission Bible and timely SMS alerts.



It has been observed that it is difficult for prospective students seeking admission into Nigeria Universities to get important information and orientation. Our statistics show that every year thousands of prospective students miss admission opportunity simply because of lack of information, orientation and adequate preparation.

The new JAMB UTME has brought a lot of anxieties leaving behind many unanswered questions. For instance, there are many questions about Jamb cut-off mark, cut-off mark for universities and courses, post UTME exam and so on.

The need for the VAIC project cannot be overemphasized against the backdrop in the ever increasing number of students seeking admission into Nigeria Universities. It is a known fact that the population of Nigeria students seeking admission into the Universities increase from year to year. In 2009 a total of about 911,653 candidates applied for JAMB. This number increased to 1,092,324 in 2010. And finally rose to 1,493,604 in 2011. The figure rose to over 1.7 million in 2013. This number continues to grow annually. For instance, in 1999 it was 417,773, in 2000 it was 461,548 and 764,138 in 2001. These increase has led JAMB, NUC (Nigeria University Commission) and Universities in a helpless situation. As a result of this, Federal Government, States and Private Individuals or institutions continue to introduce more universities every year. Presently, there are 36 Federal universities, 36 State universities and about 50 private universities. In addition to these, according to NUC bulletin, there are over 50 illegal degree awarding universities operating in Nigeria. This statistics do not put into consideration over one hundred Polytechnics and Colleges of Education in Nigeria.

Statistics show that only about 20% get admission into Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges. One way to get the better side of admission problem is early preparation especially in the face of JAMB and post UTME.

Over the years we have been able to monitor what have been the major causes of admission failure into Nigeria Universities. After much consultations, surveys, polls, interviews and experiment with the VAIC project we have been able to find solutions to the problems of admission failure.

Remember many people fail due to lack of information. In order to eliminate the above mentioned factors of admission failure, there is need for this project. Prospective students can utilize the informative power of our alert system to increase their access to information and admission chances.


  • Subscribers will first receive the University Admission Bible book. The book is an “A – Z Admission Guide” into Nigeria universities. This book addresses the factors that contribute to admission failure/success into Nigerian universities from application for O Level examination to post UTME screening. Please do not apply for JAMB until you have read the book. But if you have already applied, you still have the option of making changes when JAMB release their result.
  • Subscribers will be taken through a personalize mathematical module of calculating their admission chances with respect to NUC admission percentage ratio, cut-off marks, catchment area and so on, hence basing their preparation on their chances.
  • The SMS Alert is based on our text messaging technology powered by Webclick Communications. By subscribing to this project, you will receive instant message on your phone on important information pertaining to your admission in your choice universities. Click Here for Details
  • We also provide subscribers with necessary recommendation on materials used for post UTME preparation in their choice universities (where available). The project is design to bridge the gap between applicants and their prospective universities by linking them with persons who can be of assistant to them in their pursuit of admission.
  • The Web based alert pertains to voluminous information. Such information will be emailed directly to you. After sending such information, you will receive SMS alert to check it out.



- First Time UTME Candidates for 2014/15 Session

- Prospective undergraduate students who miss out on previous admission application

- Candidates for Direct Entry are eligible to join through the direct entry platform

- Candidates seeking admission to universities on other platforms other than UTME

- And Many More!



PS. You don't have to miss your admission chance and wait another year due to lack of information. You can join the VAIC project today and start receiving important information from today on your mobile phone and email!

PPS. The introductory discounted prices will end soon - Join Now!



Before you applied for 2013 JAMB UTME, Read a copy of the University Admission Bible . Your admission success depend on that.

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